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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Advisor in Mumbai, India.

In SIP, one invests a fixed amount of money in a mutual fund of your choice every month and the money is automatically debited from your bank account. There are many advantages to investing your money in mutual funds using SIP. To know the amount of monthly SIP one need’s to invest to achieve a certain money goal, consult our advisors.

There are many advantages to investing your money in mutual funds using SIP.

1. You Can Stop the SIP Anytime

There is no fine or compensation if you decide to stop a SIP plan. You simply have to opt out of the SIP plan, to stop it. This has a huge advantage over recurring deposits (RD) which generally put a fine if you want to stop it. When you stop your regular SIP, you can select to get back the amount to the bank or let it continue to be invested in the mutual fund by seeking help from experts of Infinitum wealth.

2. You Can Skip SIP Payment

If for some reason you don’t have enough balance in your account for the SIP investment of a certain month, you continue with the SIP next month without any problems. No fine or charges are imposed wherein RD, there is a fine for missing a payment.

3. Start a New SIP If You Have More Money

If you have got some good business or earned some extra incentives, you can always start a new SIP plan in the same mutual fund or a different mutual fund by consulting our advisors for maximum profit.

4. You Become More Disciplined in Your Savings

Generally, people complain they are unable to save money, even after earning handsomely. This is the reason one should save first and then spend. If you fix your date of SIP investment right after the date you receive your salary or income, you invest before spending!

5. You Can Invest Very Small Amounts

With flexible SIP plans, you can start investing in mutual funds with an amount as little as 500 a month. Even if your savings are small, you can benefit from the growth being experienced by India by investing in mutual funds! Our experts tell students benefits to invest from the young age.

6. No Need to Worry About Timing the Market

You might have heard, one shouldn’t invest in an inflated market. However, when you invest using a SIP plan, you do not need to care about timing your investment at all. When the markets are high, your monthly SIP buys you less number of units of a mutual fund, while the markets are low, the same monthly SIP amount buys you more units. Hence, in the long term, you do not pay very high prices for any unit of a mutual fund. This is called rupee cost averaging.

7. You Benefit From the Effect of Compounding

When you invest in a SIP, your monthly SIP investment gives returns. The returns are added to your actual investment amount and invested again! So over time, your continuous monthly SIP and the interest earned by them makes a lump-sum amount.

9. History

People who had invested in mutual funds 15 years ago are getting big rewards now. And our experts who have been analyzing market from past 20 years, provide you best plan and strategy to earn lakhs in future.
Systematic investment plans or SIPs protect you from a lot of harm. SIP plans are one of the safest and most convenient ways to invest in the equity markets of India through mutual funds.

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