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Portfolio Management Services (Advisory)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Advisor In Mumbai, India.

Portfolio Management Service is a specialized professional service offering a variety of investment solutions for its different investors. The Investment solutions provided by our advisors cater our clients to make most of the market opportunities when they arise and fall. The clientele varies from an Individual to a group of people or Institutions entities with high net worth.

At Infinitum Wealth, We have recommended many High Net Worth companies and individuals investing lump sum amounts. PMS is considered as a high-end product as it needs a significant investment (as per SEBI regulations, minimum investment in any PMS product is 25 lakhs). We advise according to the personal inclinations of the client, to merge into the investment portfolio so as to empower him to achieve his financial goals. PMS is very different as compared to mutual funds. In a mutual fund, the funds of all the investors are combined together and invested as a whole by our advisors. However, in PMS, each client’s portfolio can be tailor-made to meet his requirements and preference. Thus the uniqueness and individuality of every portfolio are maintained.

Why PMS?

As the financial market is becoming more complicated, it’s very difficult for an investor to manage his own portfolio as one may not have the time to track his portfolio every time or lack of knowledge about the latest developments in the financial markets. This is the reason our advisors suggest the best investment service to them, as PMS can greatly benefit the investor. Infinitum Wealth advisors are regularly tracking many portfolios, sending updates on a weekly or monthly basis and manipulating investments according to the market demands and trends, which makes them very skilful for any investment suggestion.

Why Infinitum Wealth:

We have partnered with several PMS (Portfolio Management Services) across India. We advise and help our clients to select the right PMS company and the best products based on investors risk appetite.

PMS is ideal for those investors who want to keep a continuous eye on their investments benefitting from professionally skilled advisors to manage their investments. PMS caters to HNIs (High Networth Individuals) as the entry size is considerably large. There are a number of broking houses and financial services companies that offer PMS. Investors are advised to go through their investment philosophy, track record, fee structure, past performance and operational efficiency before taking a decision of investing as it plays a significant role in the further profits and loss.

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